Cruising Going Places: Cruising Magazine x Manila Bulletin x Zomato

Cruising Going Places: Cruising Magazine x Manila Bulletin x Zomato brings you Taste #TravelForFood <3

Last week I got an invitation from Zomato said that we will be having a private dinner with Cruising Magazine and Manila Bulletin together with Zomato. We dined at this hidden restaurant at the heart of Mayon Avenue. Let me just give you a brief background of the restaurant..

Myons French-Mediterranean is a fine dining restaurant owned by my friend, the Yalong family. Yeap! It was my first time to dine here HAHAHA (Whatta friend :))) lol) The restaurant derived its name from the avenue itself. 

They offer classic French and Mediterranean dishes presented in the finest wares plus they also have a coffee & tea shop and private catering.


Let’s move on to the food.. (I’m not sure though if that was the exact serving size since it’s just a food tasting).

Baked Mussel
          Baked Mussel

– Baked New Zealand Mussel for the appetizer, it didn’t tasted like OZ mussel. (WHYYYYY)

– Their House blend Iced tea tasted like meeeeh. Too ordinary. (I forgot to take a photo)

Clam Chower
        Clam Chowder

– Next up is Clam Chowder, it was good! It has honey cured bacon and the bread that comes with the soup, OMG it’s very hard to chew!!! I have braces so I’m having a hard time to eat it. My braces almost took off. So If you have braces, BEWARE.

Baked Salmon Persillade
      Baked Salmon Persillade

– Baked Salmon Perillade for the main entree, it’s a layer of baked salmon with mashed potato, vegetable, spinach and cream. By the way, Persillade is a combination of parsley and garlic mixed with bread crumbs and lemon. The salmon is quite overcooked 🙁 and it lacked seasoning for me. I liked the crispy salmon skin on top! It really stood out!

Frozen Brazo
       Frozen Brazo

– And yaaaay!!! Dessert time!!! Frozen Brazo to end our night. It is a baked meringue with homemade milk custard and vanilla ice cream on top! Ohhhh so good!!! I liked the milk custard! 🙂 

I really enjoyed chit-chatting with my new friends! 🙂 Thank you Cruising Magazine and Zomato Ph for this experience. 

= The service was okay.

= The place was nice. But the lighting was too dark.

= Limited parking space.

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