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Have you ever tried eating in a cubicle / private booth where no one can see you?? And the fun part here is, the ramen is served in your very own private booth through a little window in front of you. (Perfect for Introvert-Extrovert people HAHAHA) The main reason for that is to allow an immersed experience when eating the ramen so you can focus on the food.




Ichiran is one of the most popular ramen places in Japan and specializes only in classic Tonkotsu ramen which is so rich and flavorful.


In Japan, you have to purchase a coupon from a vending machine where you place your order and pay through it before you get seated then they will hand over a checklist. ( I lost my Vending Machine photo 🙁 )

While in Hong Kong, the staff will hand over a checklist where you can specify how you want your noodles and etc. Circle your preference for every item. Check (✔️) for Kae-Dama, Side Dishes, Toppings, Drinks and Desserts then push the button in front of you for a staff to take your order. For extra orders, take your order sheet and check (✔️) your additional items then press the button in front of you.


Wanna know what Kae-Dama means? It is a noodle refill which is part of Hakata Ramen Culture where you refill your soup with fresh noodles. First, finish your noodles then leave enough soup and order Kae-Dama (Extra order of soup is NOT available though) then add the extra serving of noodles into your bowl.

Did you see the faucet on the left side of your private booth? That is Ichiran’s Delicious Water!! They use their own special system of pipes and purifiers because they believe that clean and safe water is a key in the preparation of their delicious ramen.

Ichiran Ramen is open 24/7 (some branches) both in Japan and Hong Kong. I CAN HAVE THIS ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. Just be patient because the line gets crazy especially on peak time. And Ohhhh! They’re also selling an instant ramen for you to take home. Lastly, be sure to check out their cool toilet and sink! ( Lost my sink photo 🙁 )


Happy tummy, indeed!!! ICHIRAN WILL ALWAYS BE A PART OF MY EATenirary 🙂



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*Disclaimer: All photos are original (Taken by yours truly. Michelle Ann Yu / Cheffymitchyu) Mixed Photos from Ichiran HK and Ichiran Japan. This is NOT a paid review, everything was based on my experience. All expenses paid by my parents.*



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