Zomato Food Tasting: Full Belly Craft Kitchen

This is my first time to meet my fellow Zomato foodies. So we met last week at FBCK. This is just the first. More food tastings to come! 🙂

So… Feed your eyes and soul! As you can see everything was photogenic.. The plating was nice and of course the food was great. Everything was superb! From breakfast food down to the dessert! Good food at good price.. Price starts at 180+? (I forgot) so what can you ask for?? and imagine the prices of their desserts are just under 200 pesos! Say whuuut! They serve really good Filipino food! I love the ambiance because it’s very home-y.. I’ll like it even more if they will put some photos or frames on the wall to add more design. Very fast service. All of the staff were attentive, friendly and very accommodating. So everyone, try Full Belly Craft Kitchen.. It is located at 5 Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, QC.

By the way, here’s what we tried awhile ago with the Zomato Foodies!

Iced Tea

• Home Brewed Iced Tea
– I’m not a fan of Iced tea but this one is good!

• Full Belly Pandesal
– I liked it! It was so soft!

• Spanish Style Bangus Belly Sardines
– Very flavorful and the flavor was well-balanced
Belly Tapa

• Beef Belly Tapa
– Very tender and flavorful! I liked it.
Bacon Spinach Frittata

• Bacon Spinach Frittata
– It was good. If I could just eat the whole thing. I would definitely finish it.
Bacon Spinach Frittata

• Baked Mussels

– It has mashed potato on the side. They used Chilean mussels, covered with mornay sauce, sprinkled bacon bits, mozzarella cheese and truffle oil on top. Very heavy! I swear!

• Bagnet Ensalada
– It has mustasa and balayan bagoong which is not too salty.

• Bagnet ni Kenneth
– I asked them “Who’s Kenneth?” they told me that Kenneth was the one who made up the recipe of their Bagnet. So they named it after him. I loved it!!! Super yummy and the skin is crunchy!!!
<Photo with the Bagnet ni Kenneth>

• Beef Belly Rice
– It’s good but for me it lacked seasoning. The flavor was too light for me.
Wing Bean

• Wing Bean in Coconut Milk
– I like it because the wing bean is crunchy, and it has alamang (bagoong) too.

• Bagnet Binagoongan
– It has kangkong, cherry tomatoes and bagoong topped with sliced omelette and atchara on the side (They used mustasa)
Roast Belly

• 12-Hr Roast Beef Belly
– Heavenly roast beef belly with truffle mashed potato and button mushrooms
Tuna Belly

• Tuna Al Ajillo
– Tuna belly on cast iron. Too salty for me.


Hooray for desserts!!!

Panna Cotta

• Trio of Panna Cotta
– Coconut, Chocolate and Matcha. Super yummy!!!

• Baked Cheesecake with Bacon Jam
– Have you heard Bacon Jam? How about Cheesecake topped with Bacon Jam? This is definitely a hit!

<They offer free brewed coffee until 10am if you ordered breakfast food>
Ohhh! they also cater for events like birthdays and etc. so hurry! Grab your family, friends and colleagues at Full Belly Craft Kitchen.

— They also have wifi and plus points for the clean bathroom.

<Overall Rating>
Presentation: 9/10
Food: 8/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Parking: 7/10

For more photos: Instagram & Snapchat: CHEFFYMITCHYU

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